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Lindale Mennonite Church is a fellowship of Anabaptist believers in the stream of God's love who are being...

Released from the bonds of sin and freed by the grace of God through the saving work of His Son Jesus Christ to walk in the newness of life...

Empowered by the Holy Spirit and nurtured within the community of believers to follow Jesus and daily live the Kingdom values of the Sermon on the Mount...

Sent to neighbors near and far, calling them by word and deed to embrace God's gift of healing and hope, the joy of community, and the promise of new life.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Birthdays this Week:
4/14 - Michael Berkey
4/14 - Teresa Townsend
4/15 - Tracy Clark
4/16 - Matt Johndrow
4/17 - Steve Benner
4/17 - Debbie Katz
4/17 - Tedd Greenawalt
4/17 - Lynn Brunk
4/18 - Kristina Blyer
4/19 - Samara Katz

Anniversaries this Week:
4/15 - Gary & Debbie Turner
4/17 - Irv & Kitty Weaver