“Between God and you, and your descendants too” Guest Speaker: Ervin Stutzman

2.25.2018 bulletin

“40 Days of Scooching Forward” Peg Engle

2.18.2018 bulletin

“Thin Places” Beryl Jantzi

2.11.2018 bulletin

“Bold Humility” Pastor Deb Horst

2.4.2018 bulletin

“Baskets of Safety” Pastor Dawn Monger

1.28.2018 bulletin

“Moving Forward, Holding Back” Clyde Kratz

1.21.2018 bulletin

“Seeing the Light” Pastor Deb Horst

1.14.2018 bulletin

“Yes! Let it be declared/Here Be Dragons!” Art McPhee

1.7.2018 bulletin

“Yes! Let it be new” (Reflections on Waiting) Pastor Dawn Monger

12.31.2017 bulletin

“Yes! Let it be now” Pastor Deb Horst

12.24.2017 bulletin