“Courageous Living: Remember Who You Are” Deb Horst

5.28.2017 bulletin

“Courageous Living: The Tottering Moment” Pastor Jason Kuniholm

5.21.2017 bulletin

“Courageous Living: Isn’t It Ironic?” Pastor Deb Horst

5.14.2017 bulletin

“Courageous Living: In Imitation of Jesus” Art McPhee

5.7.2017 bulletin

“Courageous Living: The Emmaus Way” Pastor Jason Kuniholm

April 30, 2017

“Courageous Living: Paul in Thessalonica” Pastor Dawn Monger

4.23.2017 bulletin

“Restore Us: We Live” Pastor Deb Horst

4.16.2017 bulletin

“Restore Us: We Hope” Daniel Coburn

4.9.2017 bulletin

“Restore Us: We Breathe” Art McPhee

4.2.2017 bulletin

“Restore Us: We See” Pastor Deb Horst

3.26.2017 bulletin