02/18/18 “Forty Days of Scooching Forward” by Peg Engle

02/11/18 “Thin Places” by Beryl Jantzi

02/04/18 “Bold Humility” by Deb Horst

01/28/18 “Baskets of Safety” by Dawn Monger

01/21/18 “Going Forward, Holding Back” by Clyde Kratz

01/14/18 “Seeing The Light” by Deb Horst

01/07/18 “Here Be Dragons” by Art McPhee

12/31/17 “Reflections on Waiting” by Dawn Monger

12/24/17 “Yes, Let it be now” by Deb Horst

12/17/17 “Let It Be Whole (Too Good To Keep Quiet)” By Aaron Kauffman